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Inside a seemingly simple door lies a cache of sophisticated features that can transform homes, storerooms or shops into safe havens.
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For added aesthestic, TACAM Hi-Security Doors can be laminated with a variety of vinyl textured films easily available from local D.I.Y. stores
  • Door panel and frame are made from 16 Gauge galvanised steel with a zinc chromate primer to accept a wide range of finish paint.
  • Proprietary high security TECHLOCK, with a total of 8 stainless steel bolts, designed to resist forced entry.
  • Fully retractable lock bolts with morties lock case fopr simple activation / locking / unlocking.
  • Reinforced with 6 horizontal internal steel channels designed to withstand explosive forces.
  • Simple to install into existing openings or new buildings.
  • Value for money.

Originally designed to withstand blast forces from explosions, this all steel doorset has been modified into a high security entry barrier. This Hi-Security Door presents a formidable deterrent to forced entry.

The door is operated by a lever handle that unlatches the door when a normal downward (clockwise) force is applied. When an upward (anticlockwise) force is applied to the same lever handle, the proprietary TECHLOCK mechanism activates four 13mm diameter stainless steel locking bolts on the lockside. The hingeside has four permanent 13mm diameter stainless steel bolts. In this position, the door is securely locked-in to resist even the most aggressive forced entry.

Material Specifications

1.5mm Electrogalvanised Steel Profile.

1.5mm Electrogalvanised (EG) Steel skin with
1.5mm EG Steel internal reinforcement channels.

Heavy duty steel flag hinges, properity TECHLOCK 4-point locking system, mortise lock case and 8 stainless steel bolts of 13mm diameter.

Primer Coat (grey colour) finish.

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