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Stainless Steel Roller Shutter
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Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Ratings: 2 to 6 hrs Fire-Ratings. SIRIM or SISIR Labelled.

General: Face fixed or soffit mounted fire rated steel roller shutter of galvanised steel construction, complete with fusible link and governor as standard. Heavy duty shutters may be manually operated or motorised but are supplied without fusible links.

Curtain: The shutter curtain is formed from interlocking galvanised steel slats of "C" or "F" profile, of material thickness 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm or 1.6mm, depending on shutter size and fire rating. Both ends of alternate slats shall have a malleable metal end-lock. Stainless steel slats are optional.

Bottom Bar: The bottom bar is constructed of right-angled steel bars, weighted where necessary, fastened to the bottom slat of the curtain. Safety-edge, stopping operation on contract, for motor operated shutters is available as option.

Brackets: Brackets shall be fabricated of cast-iron or steel and designed to close the ends of the roller shaft housing and form an end closure support for the hood.

Hood: Hood shall be constructed of not less than 0.8mm galvanised steel and reinforced with steel angles where necessary.

Finish: Finish of above components as follows. All exposed welds to be ground smooth and puttied where necessary. One coat of grey primer to be shop applied. Finish coat is not recommended due to the high possibility of damage during transportation and installation. Prepainted steel available in standard colours as an option.

Shaft: Roller shaft to be constructed of steel pipe of proper diameter and thickness for the size of the curtain and the fire rating. Deflection limit 2.5mm/m span. End of roller closed with cast iron plugs, machined to fit pipe. Grease-scaled or self-lubricating graphite bearings are used for rotating members.

Operation: The fire rated roller shutter shall be manually operated or operated by electrical power and manual handchain. For motorised shutters, a 3-phase power point with isolator is to be supplied by the client.

Electrical Operaion (optional) : Furnished complete with electric motor, reduction gears, brackets, push button control and limit switches as necessary for the normal operation of the shutter. Additional limit switches and position sensors available as options. A manual operator crank gear or chain gear mechanism shall be provided to permit manual operation of the shutter in case of electric power failure. The motor provided will have sufficient torque output to operate the curtain at a travel speed of not less than 3m per minute. Unless otherwise stated, motors will require 3 phase 415 volts alternating current power supply. Power supply and points to be provided by the client.

Remote Link (Optional) : The fusible link can be linked to a remote Fire Control Panel / System with DC 24V supply for auto-closing as an option.

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