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Blast Proof Door

Blast Load: Designed to withstand a blast load of 30 Kilo-Newton per Square Metre (30 KN/M2) and a suction load of 15 Kilo-Newton per Square Metre (15 KN/M2).

Material Specifications: Door Frames
2.3 mm Electrogalvanised Steel with channel for custom-extruded rubber gasket (included). These frames are to be infilled with concrete during installation. Metal straps/tongs for frame mounting included.

Door Panels
3.0 mm Electrogalvanised Steel Skins with 2.0mm Mild Steel internal stiffeners; 3.0mm door closer reinforcement plates - one per panel provided. Rockwool infill of density 100 KG/M3, or equivalent.

Double Doors
Double Leaf Doors to come with a removable Centre-mullion.

Hardware: Standard Hardware includes heavy duty steel hinges, ASSA 3-point lockset, panic bar, shoot bolt where necessary, neoprene seals and metal tongs for frame mounting.

Finishes: Primer Coat (grey colour) finish.

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