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Blast Load: Designed to withstand a blast load of 30 Kilo-Newton per Square Metre (30 KN/M2) and a suction load of (15 KN/M2).

Material Specifications: Window Frames
2.0 mm Electrogalvanised Steel. These frames are to be infilled with concrete during installation. Metal tongs for frame mounting included.

Window Panels
2.0 mm Electrogalvanised Steel Skins with 4.0mm Mild Steel internal stiffeners. Fixed or Operable. 19.0mm Armourglass, type A19.

Double Windows
Double Leaf Windows to come with a Centre-mullion with 3.0mm internal stiffener.

Hardware: Standard Hardware includes heavy duty Dorma Pivot Hinges, ASSA 3-point lockset with Lever Handle.

Finishes: Primer Coat (grey colour) finish.

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